Our services include the following:

  • Assisting our clients with job specifications.
  • Telephonic screening of all candidates.
  • Interviewing of all suitable candidates.
  • Providing a suitable shortlist to clients.
  • Arranging all interviews required.
  • Thorough reference and other background checks on all short-listed candidates.

We excel at the identification of unskilled, specialist and management candidates. We believe in thorough recruitment and selection of candidates on behalf of our clients and also strive to work with our clients’ interests at heart.

Middle Management Positions – Identification, recruitment and selection of individuals with management potential for both middle and junior management positions using our unique management assessment tools.

Large Volume project recruitment – Our uniquely designed project recruitment process is ideal for large-scale projects, where transparency and fairness are vital. It will prove highly successful in the evaluation of both internal and external individuals during organisational restructures or mergers.

Specialist Appointments – Identification, recruitment and selection of, amongst others, retail, hospitality, construction, engineering, financial, human resources, sales & marketing, technical specialists academic / educational candidates, secretarial, office support, front-line and call centre. Unicorn Human Capital Solutions has concentrated on its core-business, offering a range of human resource services, which add substantial value to our clients at both business and strategic levels, by means of partnering with or outsourcing to us.